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30 November 2021

We sat down with @SpectreRL_,@CrispyDon1, @mingolism & @JkedaRl after their BLAZING run through the RLCS Fall Qualifiers! Find out what they had to say about their thoughts on the split just gone, and for RLCS 2021/22 going forward!

15 November 2021

With the Women’s Car Ball Championships just around the corner, WYLDE has seized the opportunity to enter the scene with an established roster of top female talent! The team has already qualified for the Premier WCBC League, where we will join other organisations such as BS+ Competition, Kansas City Pioneers, Atlantide Wave, and Parabellum, who…

15 November 2021

With over 250 teams and some of the biggest names in Rocket League entering into the RLCS Regional Qualifier, we were bound to face a stacked competition, but with the roster officially playing their first tournament as WYLDE, the org buff came through and the team sailed through the first two days of competition, making…