This weekend saw action across the board from all of our rosters across all 3 titles and with some of the best teams in the world competing alongside them, it was never going to be an easy task!

Saturday kicked off with action in Rainbow Six. The Six Invitational Open Qualifiers kicked off with a bang as 75 hopeful teams from random mixes to top level EUL teams competed for their spot in the closed qualifier. We knew it was going to be a tough day as teams such as Virtus Pro, Team Secret, MnM, Hellraisers, David de Gea’s Rebels, and Delta Project were all competing for their spot in the closed qualifier!

WYLDE persevered and once again were able to show just how good they are and why they made it to Challenger League 2021, excelling through the bracket and closing out the first day of Best of 1s in convincing fashion and moving on to the semi-finals!

A nail-biting game, riddled with technical issues saw us eventually fall. After starting off strong, we took the first map without any hiccups, and set ourselves up to take the second with a 5 – 1 half, but an unfortunate power failure from Gisela meant we had to finish the map with in a 4 v 5, which we still pushed to Overtime and eventually dropped 7 – 8, and again, dropping the final map in a photo finish 7 – 8 Overtime, securing us 3rd – 4th place out of 75 in the first open qualifier!

During the Siege action, the eChampions League qualifiers were also ongoing on FIFA! The current Ireland number 1, Tyrone Ryan and Mr WeLLy were hopeful they could push through what was going to be an extremely long day of FIFA and make it to the next stage of the eChampions League. Both players started strong and showing why they deserved to progress, but as the day went on and the games got increasingly difficult, the day ended with Tyrone Ryan having a 3 – 3 record, and WeLLy with a 1 – 3, and ultimately, not qualifying for the next stage!

Rocket League saw action from both the RLCS roster, and the WCBC team! The RLCS team were due to play in the Masters Cup, where top seed was secured even though the side was due to play with our substitute, Labyrinth! An unfortunate last minute sporting accident meant that Spectre would also miss the event, but thankfully a last-minute replacement was found and the event was played with WYLDE (or what was left of WYLDE) still putting on a decent showing given the circumstances!

The WCBC was the last event of the weekend, with the women’s team scheduled to play No Snakes Allowed in their first game of the tournament, followed by Atlantide Wave, a name we are all too familiar with from the RLCS last season! A rough first game vs NSA gave us a much-needed reality check and left us winless going into the game vs Atlantide Wave, but the girls displayed the resilience that WYLDE looks for in a team and bounced back to have a DOMINANT game as the weekend came to a close!

Six Invitational: 3rd Place
Master Cup: 5th Place
Tyrone Ryan: 3 – 3 record
Mr WeLLy: 1 – 3 Record
WCBC: 1 – 1 Record