Me & The Boys Reign Supreme in WYLDE Rocket Series

June 27, 2021

30 teams, 5 months and over 200 series all boiled down to one game in the WYLDE Rocket Series Major Final!

The trio of Shallow, Spectre and Robkiernxn collectively known as Me and the Boys were an unstoppable force through the whole WYLDE Rocket Series tournament, where they were met with little resistance from the majority of other teams through their entire WRS run!

I’m very glad to be the winner of WRS with shallow and robkiernxn and thanks to RLI and WYLDE for organising and sponsoring this amazing tournament! 🙂


WYLDE continue to support esports in Ireland and are committed to developing local talent across a variety of games!

Honestly It felt great to be able to win the WRS. Since it is the highest ever prize pooled online tournament in Ireland and I was part of the team to be able to first ever win it was amazing. The feeling of grinding through all the monthlies to make it to the major and win was one of the best feelings I’ve had on rocket league because it just felt that hard work pays off. I really enjoyed the format of the tournament and how it was run, was very easy to follow what was going on. I would like to also thank you guys at Wylde for sponsoring the tournament as it meant a lot to us Irish players to see an Irish org hold such a big tournament in our country.


First of all thank you guys for sponsoring RLI and giving us this huge tournament, it has done wonders for the Irish community and hopefully we can have more events like this in the future. Secondly this whole tournament was really fun and enjoyable to play, it was very competitive to say the least. And lastly I just want to give another huge thank you to you guys at Wylde for this event


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