August 3, 2021

This season of the Rainbow Six UK & Ireland Nationals definitely didn’t live up to our expectations and instead was a rocky road filled with results nobody saw coming! While we didn’t expect the first three games to be a walk in the park, we came away with a win vs MnM.

After a 1 – 2 start, we thought we would be set up for a clean season, with a worst case 6 – 2 finish and got off to a great start in a grudge-match vs our former teammate, Skeptic, who was now gunning for Tenstar, a newcomer to the UKIN Premier devision!
Unforeseen circumstances meant our primary IGL, Nixon, was on the bench which forced all set strats out the window and for our coach Omerta to play in his position. With Omerta on the server, we were at a clear strategical disadvantage against Victus and Viperio 86 for our next to games, but the squad pulled together and gave it their best, coming away with a 7 – 2 loss to each team with many rounds coming down to 1 vs 1s that could have gone either way.

With Nixon back on the server for our final 2 games, it was like a revitalized team, taking down Team JLE 7 – 4 to secure our place in the playoffs!

The playoffs was a rematch that promised to deliver, WYLDE vs MnM, and with a 3 – 3 first defending half on MnM’s pick of Chalet, confidence was high as Chalet is known to favor the attackers, but unfortunately, not this time around. The team struggled to put up any rounds on the attacking side, and with multiple milti-kill rounds from MnM’s Tyrant, we dropped Chalet with a 7 – 3 scoreline.
Clubhouse was a more promising map for us, we’d shown previously that we are a strong team there, but got off to a less than ideal attacking side with a 5 – 1 score. Switching sides on to defense, we managed to gain momentum and pull it back to 5 – 5, but MnM flipped the switch and swiftly closed out the game, leaving us to wonder what would have happened on the final map of Consulate.

Viperio 8672WYLDE

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