First and foremost, WYLDE is about What You Love Doing – Esports! 


Created by the convergence of gaming, entertainment and a competitive performance culture, WYLDE is an esports club with global ambition. Co-owned by the Greatest Of All Time Olympic Gold Medallist and World Champion, Usain Bolt, WYLDE was founded by Steve Daly and David Cronin. WYLDE is truly worldwide, with headquarters in Ireland, deep roots in the Caribbean and representing winning teams and professional players across Europe. Our WYLDE Tribe of fans and followers is growing daily, as we strive to bring the best in entertainment and gaming together across our channels.

Founded during a global pandemic, we are committed to celebrating and bringing together young people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. WYLDE connects this generation through unique gaming content, a fun competitive spirit and performance culture. The WYLDE Academy was established in 2021 to inspire and nurture gaming talent. As well as our high-performance gaming base camp, WYLDE has run community tournaments, provided professional coaching to young talent and have run a number of WYLDE Bootcamps across Europe.

Currently competing in five titles, WYLDE features rosters in the highest national or EU regional league competitions, with clear pathways to the global stage!

FC24 After winning the inaugural EA eLeague of Ireland FIFA 21 championship, our EAFC athletes competed across domestic, regional and global competition in FC24 and closed our 2023 knowing Ireland’s top FC24 athlete remains a WYLDE athlete

Rainbow Six Siege With a roster brimming with talent and experience, WYLDE has had international success as finalists at Gamers Without Borders 2023, EU Rainbow Rumble Champions, and a 4th place finish in our debut season in Tier 1 Europe League

Rocket League WYLDE is one of only 8 organisation to have achieved a Top 20 rating in EU RCLS for three successive seasons alongside Team Vitality, BDS, Solary, Endpoint, SK Gaming, Dignitas and Guild 

TRACKMANIA During our debut season in 2023, WYLDE finished top 5/6 in the World Championship with the youngest team in the tournament, competing alongside Karmine Corp, ITB, BIG, Solary and Alliance

VALORANT WYLDE competes in the highest level French regional League – VCL France


Committed to SUPPORT

WYLDE believes in the UNICEF core philosophy of nurturing and caring for children in order to facilitate human progress. Their tireless work in attempting to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path is unquestionable. During 2022 and 2023 WYLDE has nominated UNICEF as our chosen charity partner and are proud to state that through our teams successful accomplishments in competition, WYLDE has donated $425,000 towards UNICEF in this time. Their work never stops and WYLDE wishes to continue where we can to support this amazing organisation.