WYLDE is ambitious and we believe that we have established a winning international roster with a valued, experienced, ambitious and fun team of players. Each player aligns with our core values and global aspiration. WYLDE brings a quintessential Irish twist to the world of esports, gaming and entertainment while always celebrating the diversity of this planet and recognizing that everyone has their own unique story to tell.

Over the coming months, the world will get to know our players, and their personalities. You’ll get to see our original content, our organization and brand develop, all while the WYLDE tribe establishes itself.

Remember, be yourself; everyone else is taken.


WYLDE was founded with the belief that to define anybody is to limit their potential.

We are built on a culture of infinite ambition, always striving to achieve and consistently improve. Our aim is to inspire while always staying true to our heritage.

An Irish heritage and culture that is based on a community of family, friends and peers. An Irish heritage that is international, open and one that celebrates diversity.  This is the first WYLDE foundation stone; the creation of our community, our tribe. The second is laid firmly on the fact that life is precious and a path in which everyone should do “What You Love Doing” and Enjoy it! Every single Ireland-connected person around the world knows the importance of fun.

WYLDE will inspire, win and succeed while making sure our team, our supporters and our tribe will savour some amazing moments along our journey.

Stephen Daly
Co-Founder & CEO