WYLDE Gamers8 Day 1 Recap

by Aug 5, 2022

August 4th, 2022. International debut, LAN debut. Win or lose, a monumental day for WYLDE. Seeded in Group A – the group of death!

With our eye on the prize, first in line for the first day was against the LATAM powerhouse and tournament favourites, Team Liquid. It was expected to be an incredibly tough game. The team were feeling good. Ready to take any challenge that came our way but this game was going to be one that would be heard around the world.

The map veto went undeniably in WYLDE’s favour, with Skyscraper being the opener, a map we were undefeated on in the qualifiers for the event, Chalet being Liquid’s pick, and Border being the decider if it was needed.

With our map pick up first, confidence was high and rightly so. Strong past performances against NPL side Victus and EUL side Rogue assured us that our strategy was good, but the events that were about to unfold shocked the entire Siege community

WYLDE TORE through the defence of Liquid on our attacking side, allowing them just one round out of 6 and securing the half with a 5 – 1 lead as we progressed to the stronger side of the map.

The train kept rolling on our defence, locking in match point after holding off Team Liquid’s first attack, and the trend continued as we completely shut out their attack and took our map choice with a 7 – 1 dominant win.

It was on to Team Liquid’s map choice – Chalet where we were expecting The Brazilian side to put up much more of a fight. We opted to start on attack, as Chalet is an attacker sided map and we aimed to secure a convincing half, where history repeated itself and we rolled through with a 5 – 1 half. With the hype reaching unprecedented levels, closing the series out in DOMINANT fashion was within grasp, and that’s exactly what we did, reeling back the years and letting Germany take down Brazil with a double 7 – 1 scoreline!

After a short break to collect our thoughts and regain, we found our next opponent in NAL side and former World Champions Spacestation Gaming. Despite coming off the back of a disappointing split in NAL, we weren’t going to underestimate the North American Side. A surprising map veto created even more uncertainty, with our favourite maps, Sky and Chalet being removed, we decided to try SSG at their own game and bring them to Clubhouse, which turned out to be a big mistake, SSG were well and truly in orbit, running the whole map with an incredibly dominant 7 – 2 and setting themselves up for success.

Next up, Oregon! The most played map in Siege, where stricture is king. We knew we could turn it around; we knew what we needed to and we were ready! We took the time between maps to clear our mental and bark straight back at Spacestation Gaming, trading blows in the first half, and finishing our defence with a level 3 – 3 but an incredible 1 v 2 clutch from the Gaming God Gsla himself secured the lead for the first time! SSG were able to level the score once more but at that point we’d had enough and pushed through to level the series 1 – 1

Villa. The decider. We knew this was ours and it was clear SSG had no intentions of letting the series get to this point, but here we were. Defence up first and another 3 – 3 half geared us up for an explosive end to the series! Again, we locked in the lead but the NAL side were able to clap back and level it up one last time before we unleashed the beast and shut them down one last time to secure the series and our spot in the playoffs.



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