WYLDE Launches 2v2 Rocket League WYLDE Cup

Apr 15, 2024

This week WYLDE unveiled the WYLDE Cup!

The WYLDE Cup is a monthly tournament, kicking off with a 2v2 Rocket League and will change game with each iteration. With cash prizes on the line, 32 teams will battle it out through a single elimination bracket, spanning one day to be crowned the kings of the WYLDE Cup!

Assemble your squad and register for the VERY FIRST WYLDE Cup on our Challengermode Space!

Catch all of the action LIVE on the WYLDE Twitch channel on Saturday, April 20th! – https://twitch.tv/wylde_gg

Not interested in competing in Rocket League? No problem! Join our Challengermode space and keep your eyes peeled for the next iteration of the WYLDE cup, it might be your chance to claim a split of the prize pool!