WYLDE Rebrands to Reinforce Core Principles

Feb 1, 2024

In 2021, WYLDE was established. Its inception created a professional European esports organisation, based in Ireland. Since then, WYLDE has extended its reach around the world, with Usain Bolt joining as a shareholder, and over 20 nationalities being represented through players and staff members.

Growth, ambitious and sustainable, is in our DNA. And now, we move into a new year 2024, with an evolved structure. As an international esports club, WYLDE reaffirms our progresion from Irish roots to global stage. The subtle but important change to an esports club is an acknowledgment of the performance culture in place within a supportive and inclusive environment. WYLDE is professional, aligned and ambitious; our esports, content and academy teams work together with a core goal to be an esports club that connects with an amazing community, providing compelling entertainment while simultaneously empowering talent through career pathways.

Our core values, ethos and ambition run deep built upon hard work, commitment and professionalism. As esports entertainment continues to evolve in a disruptive and dynamic environment, WYLDE will continue grow, learn and empower our audience, partners and talent to achieve.

For more information please contact – [email protected]

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