WYLDE RLCS Rank 19th In Europe!

May 2, 2022

WYLDE has shown its longstanding commitment to RLCS and Rocket League esports, and it’s through that commitment we believe we have identified a roster of future world champions. Since joining WYLDE in late 2021, both Simas (formerly Spectre) and Crispy have shown they have what it takes to reach the top, and now, we believe we’ve found the final piece of the puzzle! Earlier this month, we announced the signing of Aston “Accro” Smith.

Already, the addition of Accro has brought WYLDE to new heights, tearing through our first qualifier to reach the RLCS Dacia Spring Cup 1, defeating teams such as Navi, Heroic and 00Nation.

With qualification for the first event of the Spring Split, WYLDE has jumped up in the official RLCS rankings to take our place as 19th in Europe!

Before this season comes to a close, our team aims to make its mark in competition and on the ranking table, continuing their upward momentum. Empowering our players is a key element to this organization and WYLDE commits to supporting each of this team now and though the upcoming 2022/23 season.