WYLDE Takes Home the Trophy at GSA 2022

Sep 4, 2022

WYLDE Takes Home the Trophy at GSA 2022

September 04, 2022

At the start of the most competitive EU regional league (GSA 2022) earlier in April, WYLDE was considered the hot favourites following the signing of ex-Rogue duo AceeZ and Korey. However WYDLE went further and created a 6-man roster with the addition of Caneo, strenghtening its existing core including our exceptional coach, Zeus. WYLDE entered confident but with full respect of the experienced talent on rival teams but more so, mindful of the exceptional young talent featured from Germany, Switerzerland and Austria.

Throughout the competition, the team lived up to the expectations and stood top of the table, until the very end, but it was not to worry as a spot in the playoffs had already been secured and with the first challenge complete, The Rainbow Six: Siege roster would only stand to once again prove they have what it takes to play with some of the best in the EU by wining the Gamers Without Borders tournament and qualifying for Gamers 8 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But that’s another story of success for WYLDE this year, reaching the Gamers 8 semi-finals beating world reknowned Team Liquid and SpaceStaion Gaming along the way.

With our newfound international success, it was back to finish the GSA season. WhiteTigerZ were the first of our opposition, and they fought for everything! Showing us their absolute desire to earn their stripes in competitive Siege, but despite their best efforts, they were eliminated from the playoffs after just 3 maps in a best-of-5, locking in our spot for the GSA Grand finals.

Next up was the first team to qualify for the grand finals and the top seed coming into the play-offs, Team Alpha. Despite having dropped a map to Alpha in the regular season, the team was still brimming with confidence, evident by our performance in map 1, Clubhouse. Alpha battled back on both Themepark and looked like Border was going to be a similar affair, but WYLDE fought until the end and forced it to overtime, but it wasn’t to be. Alpha managed to take our map pick away from us and take themselves to just one map away from the title. WYLDE however like to do it the hard way.  Although a disadvantage in the maps, we were on to Kafe, where we put on a masterclass and shut them down at every turn, and forcing a 5th map!

Chalet was the decider, it was clear that Alpha had no intention of letting the game get this far, but here we were, a map where we had crushed LatAm powerhouse Team Liquid (7 – 1) just weeks before at Gamers 8 and when the game started, it looked like it was going to be a similar story, but we were in for a treat as a spectator. Alpha fought back from a 5 – 1 half to come so close to an overtime, but it wasn’t to be for the Alpha as we shut them down with a 7 – 5 victory.

After huge commitment from all concerned within WYLDE, empowering our players to committ their time, effort, energy and personal resolve into what they loving doing, WYLDE takes their first GSA title, we lift the trophy, put our name in the history books and claim our spot in Challenger League 2022.